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	  		Intro: D - D/F# - G - Bm - A (2x)  

D			      D/F#  
I'll worship at your throne, whisper my own love song  
G                           Bm         A  
With all my heart I'll sing for You my Dad and King  
D			   D/F#  
I'll live for all my days, to put a smile on Your face  
G                         Bm            A  
And when we finally meet, it'll be for eternity  

    Em      Bm             A                             Em  
And oh, how wide You open up Your arms when I need Your love  
        Bm              A                  C  
And how far You would come if ever I was lost  
    G/B                A                      C  
You say that all You feel for me is undying love  
                               Em    D/F# G  
That You showed me through the cross  

A                         A/C#                   D  
I'll worship You my God, I'll worship You my God  
          F#m    E  
I love You, I love You  
A                    A/C#           D            F#m       E (intro)  
Forever I will sing, forever I will be with You, be with You  

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