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Drake Night Ukulele tab

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by joaoewerton

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Drake Night

Intro: G Bm Am (2x) 


G                             Bm                              Am 
I was only trying to push you away after I found out you were leaving so it would be easier to take 
    G                                   Bm                               Am 
And half the time you're half awake and count how many times it takes to call you just to  

know that you're okay 
      G                              Bm                                Am 
And I saw you the other night at the dance club it was Drake night and even in the dark you were 

light up like the moonlight 
    G                                Bm                         Am                                       
And every time I dream of you you're at your old place on South Union Avenue where I stayed  

for about a week or two 


Bm Am Don't fear the grim reaper G Bm A It is just a little crush G Bm That you've never touched Am G Bm A And if you want it to there's nothing I could do
Outro G Bm Am
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e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------13-----------------------------------------------------------------| G|---12---12----------12----------------------12--------16------17-----------| D|---14--------14--14----14-12----14-----------------------------------------| 1x A|-------------12--------------15--------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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