Green Day

Android Ukulele tab

Green Day

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Year: 1992 - Album: Kerplunk

  		Android by Green Day 
Tabbed by Jason 
I couldn't find the tab for this so I figured it out myself 
I'm pretty sure on most of it except the chorus and bridge 
Tune down half step 
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Chords Used A# D#I D#II G# F G eb|-------------------------------------| Bb|-------------------------------------| Gb|-------9-----------------------------| Db|-9-----9--------2-----7-----4-----6--| Ab|-9-----7--------2-----7-----4-----6--| Eb|-7--------------0-----5-----2-----4--|
Intro A# D#I G# F A# D#II G# F Verse A# D#I Hey old man in woman's shoes I wonder if he knows I think he's crazy A# When he was young did he have dreams of wearing woman's shoes and D# being crazy?
A# G G# D#II It makes me wonder when I grow to be that age A# G G# D#II Will I be walking down the street begging for you spare change?
Bridge A# G# And it seems so frightening Time passes by like lightning F D#II Before you know it you're struck down A# G# I always waste my time on My chemical emotions F D#II G# It keeps my head spinning around Waste away
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