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Standing On The Moon Ukulele tab

Grateful Dead

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by Nick+D

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Standing On The Moon

  		Intro: G G G C D D D C G G G C 

D             G                 D                    G 
Standing on the moon, I got no      cobweb on my shoe. 
Standing on the moon, I see the     battle rage below. 
Standing on the moon, I see a       shadow on the sun. 
Standing on the moon, where talk is cheap and vision true. 

D             G                C 
Standing on the moon, I'm          feeling so alone and blue.  I see the 
Standing on the moon, I see the    soldiers come and go.  There's a 
Standing on the moon, the stars go fading one by one.  I 
Standing on the moon, but I would  rather be with you. 

D              G                C              G 
Gulf of Mexi     co, as             tiny as a        tear. 
metal flag be    side me someone    planted long a   go. 
hear a cry of    victory, a         nother of de     feat. 
Somewhere in San Francisco, on a    back porch in Ju ly, 

C  G              D     G     C 
The  coast of Cali    fornia  must be somewhere over here, 
Old  Glory standing   stiffly Crimson white and indigo, 
A    scrap of age old lulla   by down some forgotten street. 
just looking up at    heaven  at this crescent in the sky, 

C    G   C 
over   here. 
indi   go. 

in the sky.  


C   D              Am        D          Am    D 
I see all of Southeast Asia, I can see El Salva dor.  I hear the cries 

   G              C   G/B    Am       D           Am  
of children and the other songs of war.  It's like a mighty melody that 

D                      Am G/B C                           
rings down from the sky.            Standing here upon the moon, I  

G               D G      C G/B    Am  
watch it all roll by, all roll by, all roll by,   

G          F F# G C 
all roll by.                    


D                        C             G  C G 
Standing on the moon, with nothing left to do.  A   lovely view of 

D     G     C                    G            D     G 
heaven, but I'd rather be with you.  A lovely view of heaven, but I'd 

C                         G  C     D              C     G 
rather be with you, be with you, be with you.  I'd rather be with you. 

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