Grateful Dead

Aiko aiko

Grateful Dead

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Aiko aiko

	  		Chords:  A -- D 
My spy boy saw your spy boy, sittin' on the fi-yo, 
My spy boy told your spy boy, "Gonna set your flag on fi-yo." 
I said hey now (hey now), hey now (hey now), 
Aiko Aiko all day. 
Jockomo feena na na nay, jockomo feena nay. 
My grandma and your grandma were sittin' by the fi-yo, 
Said my grandma to your grandma, "Gonna set your tail on fi-yo." 
I said hey now (hey now), hey now (hey now), 
Aiko Aiko all day. 
Could I entreat someone to offer to designate themselves to send these to 
Nevada, I want to make sure they get there and it would be very helpful for 
some kind soul to volunteer...:) There might be a tape or two in it for you... 

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