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Around The World Ukulele tab

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Around The World

(Harold Adamson and Victor Young)

Intro: G7M G#dim Am7/11 G#5-/7 G7M G#dim Am7/11 G#5-/7 

G                     D7              G6         G 
Around the world I've searched for you 
                G6             Fdim 
I traveled on when hope was gone 
       Am7             D7 
To keep a rendezvous 
   Am7                D7        Am7            D7 
I knew somewhere, sometime, somehow 
                       Am                    D9 
You'd look at me and I would see 
                  G6       G             D7 
The smile you're smil-ing now 
         G            D7             G6      G 
It might have been in County Down 
                     G6               Fdim 
Or in New York, or gay Paree 
Or even London town 
         C6           Gdim        G  Bm5-/7  E 
No more will  I  go all around the world 
                        Am7      D7       G 
For I have found my world in you 
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