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The Innocent Ukulele tab


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The Innocent

(Essa é só a basezinha da música) 
   D         A 
The start of Armageddon 
   B          G 
And it's just another day 
 D             A       G 
We all saw the news, nothing to say 
   D            A 
So many friends are missing 
    B         G 
And family members gone 
   D             A          G 
So we all pray to God help them be strong 
   D            A 
And now we stand together 
  B           G 
Remembering that day 
  D          A            G 
The lives we live will never be the same 
 D                A             B       F# 
We don't know why the innocent die 
 G                A             B 
Will this world ever find a way to change 
D                   A 
And we don't know why 
G                          F# 
But we know it's not right 
 G             A                  B 
We don't know why so many had to die 
 G             A                  B 
We don't know why so many had to die 
 D                      A                   B 
Hate has turned to others for their religion or  
their skin 
D              A                G 
But hate can't solve the problem it began 
D           A 
Everyone is angry 
B              G 
People are afraid 
D                 A                     G 
And no one knows what decisions will be made 
Repete Chorus 
Contribuição: Felipe Uba([email protected]) 

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