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Never Get Over You Ukulele tab

George Harrison

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by eniorocks

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Never Get Over You

  		Intro: D      D    
 D           Gm7/9           D    
{-} I know I never get over you 
 D                Gm7/9                   D 
{-} So deep this feeling that I have for you 
Em7                     A7 
{-} Your eyes pierce through my heart 
{-} Your smile tears me apart 
 D                     Gm7/9 
{-} I knew it, it's so true 
      Gm6            D    
I'll never get over you 
 D                Gm7/9           D     
{-} You touch me making my heart race 
 D                Gm7/9          D 
{-} So much was written on your face 
Em7              A7 
{-} I knew when you arrived 
{-} That no words could describe 
 D                       Gm7/9 
{-} What your love made me do 
      Gm6            D 
I'll never get over you 
 F#          Bm                 E 
Girl, you're so much heart and soul 
 D    F#              B 
Oooo girl, since the moonlit night 
You came into my life 
And now this feeling has grown 
And if you leave me alone I know 
      Gm7/9          D    
I'll never get over you 
 D               Gm7/9                D 
{-} So hide the moments when I feel blue 
Em7               A7 
{-} You warm the coldest feet 
{-} Can cool me in the heat 
 D                       Gm7/9 
{-} And though our love was new 
      Gm6            D    
I'll never get over you 
 D                 Gm7/9 
{-} My understanding grew 
But I'll never get over, 
Never get over you 
You - oo    
 D        D 
you - oo 
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