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Cryin' For Nothin' Ukulele tab

Gary Allan

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Cryin' For Nothin'

  		E  C#m  E  C#m   
I am a full grown fool and I should have know better 
But I tried and I tried and I could not forget her 
I would go back to her time after time 
A                    B7 
Man I must have been out of mind 

E All of that crying for nothing C#m All of that trying for nothing A What has it ever got me B7 What has it ever taught me E I've got to keep believing C#m In something baby A Instead of just trying for nothing B7 E E C#m E C#m Crying for nothing at all
We fought for love and we fought for trust And the whole blessed time it was right there in front of us But we could not reach it and I don't know why And it took so long just to say goodbye Chorus Bridge: F#m Her friends all told me, and mine told me E But we would not listen, we could not see F#m, Me and my pride, her and her dreams B We never ever stood a chance it seems SOLO Chorus
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