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Shameless Ukulele tab

Garth Brooks

Difficulty: EasyEasy

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Intro: G D Em C Bb     
1.        G                          D  
Well, I'm shameless when it comes to loving you.  
                     Em                             C    Bb  
I'll do anything you want me to, I'll do anything at all,  
        G                         D  
And I'm standing here for all the world to see.  
                       Em                                C    Bb  
Oh, baby, that's what's left of me. Don't have very far to fall.  
2.           D                   B  
You know now I'm not a man who's ever been  
    Em                            Am7        G  
Insecure about the world I've been living in.  
  D                  B  
I don't break easy, I have my pride,  
       Em             F    F#  
But if you need to be satisfied,   
(chords like section 1.)  
I'm shameless. Baby, I don't have a prayer.  
Every time I see you standing there I go down upon my knees,  
And I'm changing, swore I'd never compromise,  
Aw, but you convinced me otherwise. I'll do anything you please.  
(chords like section 2. except as noted)  
You see, in all my life I've never found  
What I couldn't resist, what I couldn't turn down.  
I could walk away from anyone I ever knew  
      Em                   F    Gm F  
But I can't walk away from you,  
       Bb                                Am  
I have never let anything have this much control over me.  
  Ab                                 Eb  
I worked too hard to call my life my own,  
         Bb                                  Am  
And I've made myself a world and it's worked so perfectly,  
But it's your world now I can't refuse.  
Am                D7  
I've never had so much to lose.  
Oh, I'm shameless (guitar solo - chords like section 1.)  
(chords like section 2. except as noted)  
You know, it should be easy for a man who's strong  
To say he's sorry or admit when he's wrong.  
I never lost anything I ever missed,   
    Em                 F  
But I've never been in love like this.   It's out of my hands.  
(chords like section 1.)  
I'm shameless, I don't have the power now.  
I don't want it anyhow so I've got to let it go.  
I'm shameless, shameless as a man can be.  
You could make a jealous fool of me, I just wanted you to know.  
(vocal ad lib over guitar solo outro - chords like intro)  
This song is really fun with barre chords. I'm not including how I   
play those for several reasons: I change each time I play it,  
those of you comfortable with barre chords can probably figure it  
out on your own, and those who aren't comfortable with barre chords  
would ignore it anyway. If you fall between the cracks, e-mail me  
and I'll be happy to help. I'm including fingering diagrams for a  
couple of the chords that you really have to do at least partial   
barres for and may not be in an elementary chord chart.  

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