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Believe Ukulele tab


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by aman%5Fclaudino

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Intro: E,A,C,E,A 

E                      A 
He's waiting patiently on a hospital bed 
C                   E                     A  
he's waiting for the doctor to come back in 
E                       A   
by then he falls asleep wishing he was 
C                 B            A 
just as strong as everybody else 
C                     E                 A 
he just wants to live like everybody else 

E what if I believed B what if I prayed C B A if I did what it make all this go away E where did I go wrong B what didn't I do right C B A cuz I don't wanna have to say goodbye E cuz I still believe
Instrumental G,C,B,A,E verse 2 Chorus 2 Bridge: B A In the pouring rain somewhere far away F B E C there's someone that hurts just like I do and B A In the pouring rain somewhere far away C A B there's someone that hurts just like you do Chorus 3 End on an A
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