Time Will Spent


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Time Will Spent

F C Ebm F 

F	 	       	    C 
And I will remember sharing lips with her 
Ebm		 F 
The coming weeks were to be a blur 
      F			C 
Cause time with her is like no other 
Ebm (silence)		      F 
She can make her winterís day feel like a summer 

F			C 
And itís so so nice to have her alone 
Ebm	F 
Cause you know I made her leave her mobile phone at home 
Ebm			F 
The clockís ticking but I donít mind 
Ebm					C 
Because thereís no one else Iíd rather share my time 
F		C 
and Iíve no idea where that day gone when 
Ebm			F 
Yet I know that it was time well spent 
F		   C 
And I have no idea where that day gone when 
Ebm			F 
Yet I know that it was time well spent 

F C Ebm F  
So I sing uh uh 
F C Ebm F 
Uh uh uh uh uh uh 
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