Encanto Aux

It's You

Encanto Aux

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It's You


Intro:  E A C#m B A 
  E                         A 
could it be love or just fantasy 
E                   A 
and I like the way how it feels 
but its not okay 
coz a monster (something ) is on the way 
C#m                 B                 A                     E 
never been astray for you showed me the way 
C#m                   B 
everytime you smile 
A                     E 
it lightens the way 
C#m           A              B 
how im supposed to say 
A C#m B its you,ive been waiting for A C#m B its you ,that showed me the way C#m B A E you complete me,but how can I say
( repeat Chorus 2x) INTERLUDE: E A C#m B A 2 stanza E A everytime you walk the way to me E A the feelings that I cannot say E A holding the truth inside of me Bridge C#m B C#m B how long can I stay like this?It burns inside of me C#m B I want to tell you how much you are to me
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