Surreal Exposure


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Surreal Exposure

Intro:  C  G  D (x4)  


C        G   D   C             G  D  
Surreal exposure when you come over 

      C             G  D 
It's crimson and clover 

C            G   D 
Keep my composure 

G                 Bm  Am  
When you told me lies,  

G         Bm   Am  
I wasn't surprised 

G           Bm  Am  
Time wasn't right 

G        Bm   Am 
Now you're ? 


C                       G     D 
There's a chance you'll never know 

C                   G      D 
The pain that I had to let go 

C                  G          D 
I feel it running through my veins 

C                 G        D 
And temptation I can't explain 


Bm                Em   Bm         Em  
Something in your mind changed in time 

    Am      C         D  
And I just don't know why 

    Am       C     D  
But I'm not asking why 

C G D C G D Surreal exposure is billowing over C G D I keep it in my mind C G D Don't leave, don't leave me behind C G D Soundtrack to my life C G D I'll see you later tonight C G D Until then, you'll realize C G D There's a reason we are alive
Bridge: C / G D (x2) Post-Chorus: C G D C / G D Surreal exposure C G D C / G D is billowing over C G D C / G D Surreal exposure, C G D C / G D it's billowing over
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