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	  		Intro Cm  Bb  

verse 1  
We want to walk the straight and narrow   
We want to live like Jesus did   
We want to move in signs and wonders   
Heal the sick and raise the dead   

             Cm  Dm D# G# Gm  
We believe there is more reality   
               Cm  Dm D# G#                    Gm  
In the world beyond what our eyes can see   
C#      Cm  Dm D# G#            Gm  
We cannot afford to be powerless   
              Cm  Dm D# G#                               Gm  
In this fight we're in all we really need (all we really need)  

Cm G# D# Cm C# Cm Is the power God give us power Cm G# D# Cm C# Cm (to end: Cm C# {Gm}) Give us power God give us power
verse 2 Cm We are tired of weak religion Cm Repetitions without life Cm We need supernatural power Cm To be children of the light (PRE Chorus) (Chorus) 4x's RAP Cm Lord God we need Your power Cm Your weakness is stronger than the deeds of ours Cm Release the peace and increase Your power Cm Signs and wonders of what we believe to follow Cm Fruit from a dead tree is hollow Cm So we need to stop acting like we dont read the Bible Cm Eliminating the doubt its a seed to swallow Cm Without faith its impossible to please the Father Cm Breaking out the church with hands lifted Cm Rubber meets the road let's work the plan's shifted Cm Anointed to preach let's see if ya hands gifted Cm Take it to the street and heal a man sick then Cm It's time to go ain't no time for slow Cm So get from round the cons get around the pros Cm Jesus walked past the pews and beyond the doors Cm Outside the church is where the power shows (Chorus)Repeats then Ends
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