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David Bazan

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F               Am 
"Live to fight another day." 
G                       F 
the fruit fly sighs, as evening fades. 
F               Am 
Find a wife and make her pay 
G                           F 
for wanting what she can't articulate. 
F                           Am 
You hate yourself; you don't mean to. 
     G                   F 
You'd cut off a leg for something to lean into. 
F                      Am 
Policemen beat your neighbor's son. 
G                        F 
Don't feel right to you? Call 911. 

F                        Am 
'Cause animals are learning  
G                 F 
How to walk upright 
F          Am 
Rapturous, unnerving;  
G                      F 
the light behind their eyes, 
F                 Am 
right before they try. 

G F 

F                     Am 
Delusion all but covers up 
G                        F 
hiding from the light in our superstitious clubs. 
F                            Am 
The Kingdom's all around you dear. 
G                         F 
It was never somewhere else; 
always right here. 
F                           Am 
Cebause the fruit is almost black. 
Money sits up front 
love rides in the back. 
F                        Am 
'Cause animals are learning  
G                 F 
How to walk upright 
F          Am 
Rapturous, unnerving;  
G                      F 
the light behind our eyes, 
F                 Am 
right before we die. 
G     F 
F       Am 
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