Everbody's Cool


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Everbody's Cool


Intro Amaj7 G#m7 F#m7 B7sus2  

E     F#m11    E       F#m11 
Hide away your love in anger 
Amaj7 G#m7           F#m7      B7sus2 
Low esteem without a warning 
E        F#m11    E         F#m11 
Kill the weak for worse for better 
Amaj7    G#m7          F#m7    B7sus2 
Till the morning comes around 

Amaj7                   F#m7 
She built the wall till no one's there 
     E                         Esus4  E 
When everywhere there's anger 
There's no one really there 
F#m7 G#m7     F#m7   G#m7      
Always on the losing end 
C#m7       B                A 
Everyone's enacted from the start 

Ride a wave one to remember 
Rock the reef for such a long time 
Catch the ride until September 
Guard your gracious life 

She built a wall what else is new 
Where everyone's an actor 
And everybody's cool 
She's always on the losing end 
Everyone's enacted from the start 

She missed the ball what else is new 
When everywhere there's anger 
She's desperatly uncool 
And always on the losing end 
Everyone's enacted from the start 
(And everyone is at the superstar) 
Everyone's enacted from the start 
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