Clive Dunn


Clive Dunn



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	  		Eb                         Gm   Cm   
I've been sitting here all day, thinking  

Eb                         Gm  Cm   
Same old dream ten years away, thinking  

Ab              Bb 
Now my days are gone  

Ab              Bb 
Memories linger on  

Ab               Ab Bb Ab Bb 
Thoughts of when I was a boy  

Eb                     Gm      Cm                                  
Penny farthings on the street, riding  

Eb                    Gm      Cm 
Motor-cars were funny things, frightening  

Ab                         Bb 
Bowling hoops and spinning tops  

Ab                      Bb 
Penny-dreadful's, lollipops  

Ab          Ab  Bb  Ab    Bb 
Comic cuts, all different things  

Eb Fm Grandad, Grandad you're lovely F C Bb That's what we all think of you Eb Fm Grandad, Grandad you're lovely F C Bb That's what we all think of you Eb Grandad, Grandad
Eb Gm Cm Aeroplanes tied up with strings, flying Eb Gm Cm Telephones and talking things, sighing Ab Bb A radio and phonograph Ab Bb Charlie Chaplin made us laugh Ab Ab Bb Ab Bb Silently falling about Eb Gm Cm Familiar things I keep around, near me Eb Gm Cm Memories of my younger days, clearly Ab Bb Come into my mind Ab Bb Every day I find Ab Ab Bb Ab Bb Thoughts of when I was a boy Chorus.........
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