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Same Mistake Ukulele tab

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by aman%5Fclaudino

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Same Mistake


       C               G              Fmaj7            
On and open road and a virgin kick to chaos 
                       C        G    Fmaj7 
with an angel tattooed to her inner thigh, 
           C                 Dm   
wild eyes reflected, and the neon sign. 
I did not ask for love, 
           G      G7 
merely the same mistake 

Don't be a fool with that, 
     G               Fmaj7 
your useless plastic pistol, 
On my signal, we will drop our stupid 
G              Fmaj7 
cause and disappear into the night. 
      C                     Dm 
As it stands, we're trading potions 
        Em            F 
for new potions to be swallowed whole. 
            G         G7 
We make the same mistake. 

What to imply? 
Have you picked a part? 
Staying in the action. 
Where's the action? 
Am                   F    
Here we are, drawing straws, 
taking sides when we aren't 
letting up and letting go. 
Letting up. 
Letting go. 

Manacles and endless lists on a shelf. 
Our wealth, it will be squandered 
by subtle gusts of cold wind, 
cars rusting below the bridge. 
And shouts behind the factory, 
at first frightening, 
but it's just kids beginning 
To make the same mistakes 

On an open road 
On an open road 
On an open road 
We make the same mistake 
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