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Summer rain Ukulele tab

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Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by europeu

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Summer rain

Year: 1977 - Album: At the End of a Perfect Day

  		G			       C 
Old man walking by the sea is dreaming, 
Am		D	     G 
Dreaming of the days when he was young. 
G			       C 
And hand in hand a little boy beside him. 
Am		D	     G 
Hearing about those weekends under the sun. 
Em		  Bm	       C       D       G 
And most of all I remember a little song we used to play. 
E7			 Am	      F	       E7 
It was about the English weather always raining on a sunny day... 
It went... 
F G C C7 F 
Ah-la-la-la, summer rain is pouring down again, 
Fm C A7 
And it's getting wetter, as a matter of fact 
Dm G7 C 
It couldn't be better for baby and me sitting on my knee... 
Ah-la-la-la, summer rain is falling down on my 
Umbrella above me, the very first time she said she loved me 
Was in the summer rain and it's fine with me. 
Walking with your great grandfather's daughter. 
Somehow we were always late for tea... 
And small boys making mischief in the water 
Watching deck-chair, floating away out to sea. 
Ah but now the memory's fading how the past just slips away, 
But everytime that it starts raining, I can hear the band begins to play... 
Repeat rfr. 

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