Charles Manson

My World

Charles Manson

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My World

G    Em         D      D7 
  My world is a sad world 
G       Em                D   D7 
  Often wonder if there's blame 
C        C         Cm  G   Em 
  Such a fool in a mad, mad world 
D         D7            G    Gmaj7   F E  
  With no picture in my frame 
A      F#m            E  E7* 
  Everyone says "Crazy fool" 
A               F#m           E  E7* 
  "You're always gazing at the night" 
D         Dm    A       F#m 
  With my arms around a tree 
Bm7      E7               A    A7 
  Loving life with all my might 
D     Dm   A     F#m   
  Crazy, yes, I may seem 
Bm7   E7              A7  A7 
  Not knowing what to do 
D    Dm          A      F#m 
  Living with one crazy dream 
Bm7    E7               A     G F 
  In a frantic world of blue 
B   G#m         F#  F#7* 
  I awake every evening 
B             G#m                 F#  F#7* 
  And somehow stumble through the night 
E        Em        B   G#m 
  Such a fool in a mad world 
C#m7     F#7              B    C7 
  Loving Life with all my might 
Bb   Gm         F     F7* 
  My world is a sad world 
Bb      Gm                F  F7* 
  Often wonder if there's blame 
D#       D#m       Bb       Gm 
  Such a fool in a mad, mad world 
Cm7       F7            Bb    Gm 
  With no picture in my frame 
Cm7      F7            Bb    
  Loving you without a name 
  With no love               
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