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Cary Brothers

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by nosferatu1208

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Am C G D e---0------------0------------3------------0----| B---1------------1------------0------------0----| D---2------------0------------0------------0----| This plays through the G---2------------2------------0------------2----| entire song.... A---0------------3------------2------------3----| E---0------------0------------3------------2----| 4 beats 4 beats 4 beats 4 beats
Verse 1: Am C G D Am You are everything I wanted C G D The scars of all I'll ever know
Am C If I told you you were right G D Would you take my hand tonight? Am C If I told you the reasons why G D Would you leave your life and ride? Am C G D And ride?
Verse 2: Am C G D Am You saw all my pieces broken C G D This darkness that I could never show Chorus: End! At the end of the last Chorus just continue to play the chords until you feel that you stop....Don't take forever!!
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