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Sober Ukulele tab

Carol Biazin

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by victborges

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  		(B7M)                                  C#m7 
   You've been on my mind for a while now 
   Tryna get you off 'cause this ain't right now 
   You said it was a vibe for the time being 
   It was nothing more but I just couldn't see it 
   This is not a song for the whole world 
   Felt like it could've been us against the whole world 
   Maybe you were mine and I was your girl 
   Whatever happened to the time that we spent 

Sober... I take back what I said 
I'm sittin' with this love hangover 
And boy it's hurtin' my head 
It's the middle of october 
And we just came to an end 
I'm just sorry that there ain't no time left 
You and I we're over 
Me and you are done 
When I wanted to be closer 
You just wanted to run 
Though I know it's no ones fault 
If I've learned anything at all 
With us, no matter how I add it up 
One plus one is none 

   I've been at this party for some time now 
   Sippin' on bacardi 'til it runs out 
   You are in the corner with your head down 
   I don't even wanna know what that's about 
   'Cause you're the one that's always gettin' too wasted 
   And I'm the one that's never that intoxicated 
   Tonight I'm in my feelings, oh I'm faded 
   But I don't wanna think about the complicated 

C#m7                                  B7M 
   Oh your love got me feeling like I can't 
   Get up, wishing for it but it never lasts 
   I thought we'd be together 
   Oh it ended so fast 

Parapapa Parapa Parapapa Parapa 
Parapapa Parapa Parapapa Paratha 
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