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Hey Joe Ukulele tab

Carl Smith

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Hey Joe

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  		C Hey Joe! 
Where'd you find that pearly-girly?  
Where'd you get that jolly-dolly? 
How'd you rate that dish I wish was G mine? 
Hey Joe!  
She's got skin that's creamy-dreamy 
Eyes that look so lovey-dovey 
Lips as red as cherry-berry C wine. 
Now listen F Joe, I ain't no heel 
But old buddy let me tell you how I feel 
She's a honey, she's a sugar-pie 
I'm warning you I'm gonna try to G steal - her from you 
C Hey Joe! 
Though we've been the best of friends  
F This is where our friendship ends  
G I gotta have that dolly for my C own.  
Hey Joe!  
Come on let's be buddy-duddy  
Show me you're my palsy-walsy  
Introduce that pretty little chick to me  
Hey Joe!  
Quit that waitin', hesitatin 
Let me at her, what's the matter  
You're as slow as any Joe can be.  
Now come on Joe, let's make a deal  
Let me dance with her to see if she is real  
She's the cutist girl I've ever seen  
I'll tell you face to face I mean to steal - her from you  
Hey Joe!  
Now we'll be friends 'till the end  
This looks like the end, my friend  
I gotta have that dolly for my own.  

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