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Burn Ukulele tab

Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by deivcavalcanti

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  		Burn (Bryan and Katie Torwalt) 63 BPM 


A             E    A          E 
God let Your Fire, Burn in my soul 
A             E     A         E 
Come and take over, all my control 


C#m                B 
Burn in my spirit, Burn in my soul 
 A              E       B/D# 
Oh God, Burn in me 


        C#m               E 
Let Your Spirit, come and fill me 
       A                  E         B/D# 
Let my heart come fully alive 
         C#m            E 
Let Your Presence, overwhelm me 
         A           E        B/D# 
Let Your Glory come abide 
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