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	  		verse 1 

F4 C(2)           Dm(6)   Dm4  C(2)            F(6)  
     Kissing in the hallway,      turn off all the lights 
F4 C(2)           Dm(6)   Dm4  C(2)            F(6)  
     Fragments of a lost love,    dissolve into the night 

pre Chorus 
          F4                      C(2)  Dm(6)    
And I'll never get this feeling out of my head 
          Dm(4)                 C(2)  F(6)  
And I'll never wanna be the one you forget 


F(6)                    C(2)       Dm           Dm(6) 
Blood hits the pavement from your eyes, under the streetlights 
        C(2) F  
But I've got you 
F(6)                    C(2)  Dm           Dm(6) 
Your restless limbs are going wild, come into mine 
              C(2)  F  
'Cause they've got you 

verse 2 
F4 C(2)           Dm6   Dm4  C(2)                  F(6)  
    Climb into the backseat,       sitting on each others knees 
F4 C(2)           Dm6   Dm4  C(2)                  F(6)  
     Wanna be on repeat,           acting like real ladies 

pre Chorus 

bridge x2 

C     Dm     Am  G(2)   Dm    
Ayyy  ayyyyy ayyyy oh ayyyy 

pre Chorus 

outro x2 
F4 C(2)           Dm(6)   Dm(4)  C(2)            F(6)  
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