Brock Winzeler

Beginning with You

Brock Winzeler



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Beginning with You

Capo on 4th fret
C Em G D 
C        Em     G                D 
Every day starts out the same 
G                       D             C               G 
With no one to talk to and no one to blame 
C           Em               G            D 
Well I left Texas when I was twenty-one 
G           D                       C          G 
I had to see the world out on the run 
C                  Em               G            D 
Yeah I called home every now and again 
G                     D                          C                        
Wish I could see my momma's smile 
                 G              D                          
But there I go 
                        C       G 
Burnin' up the hiiiiiiiighway 
C              Em                 D 
I'm gonna make it on my own 
C     Em     G     D 
C     Em     D     G 
C            Em            C           D 
My sister called me late last night 
G                 D                   C 
something's happened to dad 
C       Em                   G              D 
I said I'll be there by the morning light 
G           D            C               
and I left Tulsa far behind 
                    G                D 
Yeah here I go 
                       C       G 
Burnin' up the hiiiiiiighway 
C               Em        D 
I just gotta make it home 
C     Em     G     D 
C     Em     D     G 
C              Em           G           D 
I pulled into town by the dawn 
G                    D                        C 
Not much has changed around here 
C         Em          G          D 
I went straight to see my dad 
G                           D                        C 
He smiled and said thank god your here 
                     G             D 
But here I go 
                                           C     G 
You made it back from the highway 
C               Em                    D 
I'm glad to see you made it home 
C    Em    G    D 
C    Em    D    G 

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