Brian Doerksen

How Long Ukulele tab

Brian Doerksen

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by FerdyKorp

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How Long

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  		           Bm                Bm/A  
How long O Lord, will You forget me  
           Em7            F#sus4         F#  
How long O Lord, will You look the other way  
           Bm           Bm/A  
How long O Lord, must I wrestle with my thoughts  
         Em7            F#sus4       F#  
And everyday, have such sorrow in my heart  
G                      Bm  
Look on me and answer, O God my Father  
      G           D/F#        Em               Asus  
Bring light to my darkness, before they see me fall  
D           A/C#               Em7 D/F#    G            A  
But I trust, in Your unfailing love yes my heart will rejoice  
D           A/C#                Em7  D/F#   
Still I sing, of Your unfailing love  
G             A  
You have been good  
G           Asus    Bm  
You will be good to me  

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