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Brenda Lee

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate


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( Ronnie Self)

Intro: Eb Ab Cm Eb Gb Bb 

Eb               Cm  Eb             F     Bb  Eb  Cm 
Eventually, your penalty, willbe, to hurt as I  do 
Eb                  F 
Eventually, my memory, ah, my memory, will 
Bb    Eb    Ab    Fm    Eb 
Haunt the dream sof you 

Ab This look I'm wearing, its called a frown Eb E Fm But it was a smile, til you turned it up side down
Bridge F I'd hate to see, I'd hate to see you feel Db Bb Fm Bb Eb Cm Eb Like me, but this will be-ee-ee eventually F Eb F Bb Eb Ab Fm My memory Will haunt, the dream sof you
Eb Ab Cm Ab Oh, oh, this look I'm wearing, it's called a Eb Frown, but it used to be a smile, til you E Fm Turned it up side down F Bb I'dhatetosee, youfeellike me, but baby Fm F Bb Eb F This will be eventually, my memory, ah, my Bb Gm7 Eb Bb Eb Memory Will haunt, the dreams of, of you
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