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Sensitive Subject Matter Ukulele tab

Bonnie McKee

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by robepoiel

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Sensitive Subject Matter

  		Tom: C 

 C          G/B      Am            G 
I told you I   would be there for you;  
  C        G/B            Am    G 
a promise I   intend to keep.  
        C              G/B                         G   
But the subject matter hits a little too close to home.  
        Am                 G      Fsus2   G-Fsus2-G 
and now I can't take back what I gave.  
               C               G/B                    Am           G 
With all the times we've seen,       the states that we've been in, 
             C                 G/B          Am          G 
you always saved me from my troubled self, it seemed,  
               C                G/B    
but now I'm hearing all these words you say,  
  Am                G               Am               G             Fsus2 
and I'm not sure if I can stay and listen to you melting all my dreams.  

Csus2 C G/B Am G Baby it's you that kept my feet on the ground Csus2 C G/B Am G thought that I could choose if I always wanted you around Csus2 C G/B Am G darling I do think we need time apart, Am G Fsus2 I still need time to mend my broken seams.
C G/B Am G I told you I would listen to you, C G/B Am so I'm all ears. C G/B Am G But don't ask me to respond to your pleas for my advice, Am G Fsus2 'cause now I'm too burdened to speak. Am G F I think the time has come for me to go... oh, Dm C G I can't be by myself, but there is no-one else, Dm C G and well it hurts to know someone else tastes your lips, Dm C F G but I cannot forget how hard I cried when I discovered you had lied, Am G F when you said I could never hurt like this. (Fsus2 Am G C) C G/B Am G Cause I'm weary, I'm so weary, I told you I'd be there, C G/B Am I'm broken, I'm so broken but I'm here. C G/B Am G It's painful, it's so painful, I told you I'd be - Am G Fsus2 these are secrets I cannot afford to hear, Am G Fsus2 oh well these are secrets I cannot afford to hear, no no.
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