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Without Love

Year: 1986 - Album: Slippery When Wet

(Bon Jovi / Sambora / Child)

  		               (D) She wasn't young but still a child  
               (B) There still was innocence in painted smiles  
               (D) She called to me as I passed her by  
               (B) Lady of the night looked in my eyes  
               She said: (A) I been through some (B) changes  
               (C) But one thing always (G) stays the same  
               Without (D) love, there's nothing without (B) love  
               Nothing else can (G) get you through the night  
               (A) Nothing else feels right without (D) love  (B) (A)  
               (D) I saw a man down on lonely street  
               (B) A broken man who looked like me  
               (D) And no one knows the pain that he's been living  
               (B) He lost his love and still hasn't forgiven  
               He said:  (A)  I've been through some (B) changes  
               (C) But one thing always (G)stays the same  
               (D)There's nothing without (B) love  
               Nothing else but (G)love can burn as bright  
               (A) And nothing would mean nothing... (B) without love (A) whoa oh  
               B G B E  G   (on the solo)  
               (D)I see my life  
               There's some things I took for granted  
               (B)Love's passed me by  
               So many second chances  
               (G)I was afraid  
               But I won't be afraid no (A) more  
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