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Bon Jovi

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by HtagBgha

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Year: 1984 - Album: Bon Jovi

Key:  G#m More
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  		INTRO AND VERSE:  G#m ? G#m7 ? F# - C#  ( This chord sequence is repeated  
                                          during all the song except on the Chorus) 
This time girl I've had enough  
you?re too hot to handle with kid gloves  
it?s too late I hear a knock on the door  
the game's over baby I can't take it no more  
G#m Breakout, breakout take these chains from me F# You held my heart for ransom baby, set it free E Breakout, breakout your lies can't hide what I see C#m F# I'm better off on my own
Promises made me in the heat of the night (Whoa-oh-oh) Those words were broken under bedroom lights (Whoa-oh) Your lips they burn your body calls my name (Whoa-oh) I can feel the fire but it's all in vain (Whoa-oh) Chorus x2 You say we'll meet around midnight you?re gonna make me feel oh so right I'm saying oh no not tonight you gotta let me go SOLO Chorus x2 You say we'll meet around midnight You're gonna make me feel oh so right I'm saying oh no not tonight You gotta let me go
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