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Mack the knife Ukulele tab

Bobby Darin

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by europeu

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Mack the knife


D       D6       C#dim         A7             
Well, the shark has   pretty teeth dear,   
A7/5+     A7       A7sus4  A7  D6  
And he shows them pearl - y white  
         Bm                    Em  
Just a jackknife has old MacHeath dear,   
G/B   A7sus4    A7       D      C#dim   A7  
And he keeps it   out of sight.  
When the shark bites with his teeth dear,   
Scarlet billows start to spread  
Fancy gloves though has old MacHeath dear,   
So there's never, never a trace of red  
On the sidewalk, mmm Sunday morning uh huh   
Lies a body, just oozing life  
And some one's creeping around the corner,   
Could that some one be Mack the knife?  
Theres a tug boat, down by the river don't you know   
where a cement bag's just dropping on down  
Oh that cement is just there for the weight dear,   
Five'll get you ten ol' Macky's back in town  
Have you heard bout Louie Miller, hw disappeared babe,   
After drawing out all his hard earned cash  
And now  MacHeath spends just like a sailor --  
Could it be our boy done someting rash?  
Now Jenny Diver, oh Sookie Tawdry   
Ooh,Miss Lotte Lenya and old Lucy Brown  
Well, the line forms on the right babe,   
Now that Macky's back in town! 

I said Jenny Diver, Oh Sookie Tawdry 
Lookout for Miss Lotte Lenya and Old Lucy Brown 
Yes that line forms on the right babe 
Now that Mackeeeeeeeees Back in town 
Lookout old Mackys Back  

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