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Year: 1978 - Album: Babylon by Bus

Written by Allen Cole / Carlton Carly Barrett

Am7 C/G G7 Am/G Am7   

  Am            G7               Am
Until the philosophy which holds one race
    G7           Am  G7     Am     G7
superior, and another   inferior,
       Am G7        Am    G7       Am  G7      Am
is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned,
G7                  Am     G7         Am
   everywhere is war.           Is uh war.
G7       Am                  G7          Am
  That until there are no longer first class
                   G7              Am      G7
and second class citizens of any nation,
  Am                     G7           Am             G7 
until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance
than the color of his eyes,  Is uh war.

       Am              G7              Am                G7
That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all
without regard to race,  there is a war.

G7        Am           G7        Am               G7
   That until that day  the dreams of lasting peace,
Am               G7            Am         G7         Am     G7 
world citizenship, and the rule of international morality
         Am                      G7
will remain in but a fleeting illusion,
        Am   G7              Am
o be pursued, but never attained.
G7                  Am    G7   Am
  No, everywhere is war.          War.

G7       Am         G7         Am            
  And until the ignoble and unhappy regime that now holds
G7                  Am  G7       Am        G7 
our brothers in Angola,     in Mozambique
       Am     G7       Am              G7
South Africa.      Sub-human bondage
           Am      G7           Am
have been toppled,      utterly destroyed.
G7                   Am  G7         Am
Well, everywhere is war.      Is uh war.

G7     Am          G7        Am             G7
   War in the east.      War   in the west.
    Am       G7      Am           G7
War up north.     War down south.
Am       G7              Am             G7
War, war.             Rumors of a war.

G7      Am           G7           Am           G7           Am           G7
  And until that day      the African continent     will not know peace.
G7     Am               G7                 
   We Africans will fight.

G7              Am            G7
  We find it necessary,
           Am           G7
and we know we shall win.
     Am            G7           Am       G7             Am  
As we are confident   in the victory     of good over evil.
G7             Am     G7           Am
   Good over evil.     Good over evil.


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