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I Know Ukulele tab

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by christian

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I Know

Year: 1983 - Album: Confrontation

Key:  Bm More
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  		Intro : Bm 
When the race gets hard to run 
It means you just can't take the pace 
When it's time to have your fun 
You find the tears run on down through 
Your face,    then you stoand think a little 
Are you the   victim of the system 
Anyday now they gonna let you down 
        Bm                     Em 
Remember   Natty Will be there 
To see you through 
Bm                    A 
And ain't it good to know now 
JAH will be waiting there 
Bm                        A 
Ain't it doggone good to know you all 
JAH will be waiting there 
Bm       Em      Bm       Em     
Wait in Summer, wait in Spring 
Bm       Em      Bm      Em 
Waitin Autumn, Winter thing 
D           Em    D                Em 
Tribe goes up, all the tribe goes down 
D          Em            D            Em 
Bring my children from the end of the earth 
Many a time I sit and wonder why 
This  race so, so very hard to run 
Then I say to my soul take courage 
Battle to be won 
Like a ship that's tossed and driven 
Battered by the angry sea yeah! 
Say the tide of time was raging 
Bm                         Em             Bm 
Don't let the fury fall on me, No, No, No 
       A       Em 
Cause I  know JAH will be waiting there 
Bm                 A 
Ain't it good to know now 
JAH will be waiting there 
Bm         Em       Bm        Em 
Lost and found, who speak I give 
Bm       Em    Bm        Em 
Speak I give, lost and found (Repeat) 
[email protected],com 
Christian Jordan  Reggae raiz - Surf Forever !! 
Essa  para galera da Barra, Shabba,Fabo,Rafael e os brothers...Vamos ensaiar galeraaaa !!!! 

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