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Never Say Goodbye Ukulele tab

Bob Dylan

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by victborges

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Never Say Goodbye

D            G            A 
    Twilight on the frozen lake 
G             D 
   North wind about to break 
 G                    A 
  On footprints in the snow 
G            D       G   A   G 
Silence down below. 
              C         D 
You're beautiful beyond words 
C                 G 
You're beautiful to me 
C               D 
You can make me cry 
C           G      C   D   G 
Never say goodbye. 

G                    C                 D 
Because my dreams are made of iron and steel 
  C                G    C          D          
With a big bouquet -- Of roses hanging down 
G                               C    D 
From the heavens to the ground. 

        G               A 
The crashing waves roll over me 
G         A          D 
As I stand upon the sand 
G              A        G               D          G    A    G 
Wait for you to come -- And grab hold of my hand. 

 G       C        D 
Oh baby baby baby blue 
C                              G 
You've changed your last name, too 
G                          D 
You've turned your hair to brown 
               G              C    D     G    D    C   G 
Love to see it hangin' down. 
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