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Time to break up Ukulele tab

Blink 182

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by terr%5Fschmitz

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Time to break up


Part 1: 
Ab F# Fm Ab 

Part 2: 
C#  Ab F# Ab (2x) 

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Guitar 2: x means palm mute C# Ab F# Ab e|----------------|----------------|--------|--------| B|----------------|----------------|--------|--------| G|----------------|----------------|--------|--------| D|-----3-3-1-1----|-----3-3-1-1----|-4--x-x-|-6--x-x-| (2x) A|-4-4----------4-|--------------4-|-4--x-x-|-6--x-x-| E|----------------|-4-4------------|-2--x-x-|-4--x-x-|
Verse 1: C# I guess it's only the men Ab Who get fucked F# now and again C# We take our chicks to the mall Ab We wait in F# parking stalls C# And when we come home too late Ab She's pissed that F# she had to wait C# And my excuse not to call Ab F# It never worked at all
C# Time to wake up C#/F Where's your daughter? F# Hurts to break up Ab She was stronger C# All my friends say C#/F Please don't love her F# What did I gain? Ab Now I miss her so
(Repeat Intro Part 2) Verse 2: C# I used to hate the lipstick Ab It stained and F# tasted so sick C# The panty hose and the bra Ab She threw on F# my guitar C# Shit Fuck I made a mistake Ab I thought I F# needed a break C# The truth is I'm such a dick Ab It's broke and F# can't be fixed (Repeat Chorus) Breakdown: Bbm F# C# Ab
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Guitar 2: Bbm F# C# Ab e|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| D|-----------------|-----------------|---3---3---3---3-|-----------------| A|---4---4---4---4-|---4---4---4---4-|-4---4---4---4---|---6---6---6---6-| E|-6---6---6---6---|-2---2---2---2---|-----------------|-4---4---4---4---|
Bridge: Bbm If you want to call it a F# heart ache (a heart ache) C# Then I sure regret Ab those things I miss her Bbm If you want the pain F# to go away (to go away) Better suck up your C# Ab pride admit you lost her C# Let her go (let her go) Ab move on (move on) C# let her go (let her go) Ab move on (move on) C# Ab Fm Ebm let her go (let her go) (Repeat Chorus) Outro: C# Ab Move on (move on) C# let her go (let her go) Ab Move on (move on) C# let her go (let her go) Ab Move on (move on C# let her go (let her go) Ab Move on (move on C# let her go
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