Blink 182


Blink 182

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Year: 1994 - Album: Cheshire Cat

(Delonge / Hoppus)

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Here's an attempt at that riff (riff 1) E-|-0-0-0-4-0-0-5-0-0-7-5-4-5-0---0-0-0-2-0-0-4-0-0-5-4-2-0------------- B-|--------------------------------------------------------------------- G-|--------------------------------------------------------------------- D-|--------------------------------------------------------------------- A-|--------------------------------------------------------------------- E-|--------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's the first part of the verse (riff 2) you might wanna use pwr crds E-|-------------------------------------------------------------------- B-|-------------------------------------------------------------------- G-|--9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9----------------------------------- D-|-----------------6-6-6-6-7-7-7-7------------------------------------ A-|-7-7-7-7-9-9-9-9---------------------------------------------------- E-|-------------------------------------------------------------------- And the 2nd part (riff 3) hit the power chord then play the riff E-|-------------------------------------------------------------------- B-|-------------------------------------------------------------------- G-|-9-----------------9------------------------------------------------ D-|-9-----------------9------------------------------------------------ A-|-7----9-7-9-7-6-7--7---9-7-9-7-6-(go-right-into-chorus)------------- E-|--------------------------------------------------------------------
intro: riff 1 Verse1: riff 2 over this bassline: E B C# A You and I should get away for a while E B C# A I just wanna be alone with your smile play riff 2 here and same bassline E B C# A Grab some candy and cigarettes and we'll get in my car E B C# A We'll blast the stereo and we'll drive to Madagascar
F# A E B Cuz when I'm with you there's nothing I wouldn't do F# A E B I just wanna be yer only one F# A E B I'm grasping at straws thinking back to what i saw F# A E B that night on the floor when we were all alone
(play riff 1) now, same stuff... different words (riff2 over bassline) My love life was getting so bland There are only so many ways i can make love with my hand (riff 3 over same bassline) Sometimes it makes me want to laugh Sometimes i wanna take my toaster in the bath interlude: E B C# A...E (riff one over bassline that goes over final verse)
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