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Donīt Leave Me Ukulele tab

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Donīt Leave Me

Year: 1999 - Album: Enema of the State

  		INTRO: A D (B D E) 2x

Verso 1, sem guitarra, apenas baixo.
A             D  
Dont leave me all alone. 
B            D
just drop me off at home. 
A              D
i'll be fine. its not the first. 
B                  D                E
just like last time but a little worse. 

A B and she said i'm not the one D E that she thinks about. A B and she said it stopped being fun D E i just bring her down. A B D E i said dont let your future be destroyed by my past. A B D she said "dont let my door hit your ass".
Verso 2, sem guitarra, apenas baixo. A one more chance. D i'll try this time. B D i'll give you yours. i wont take mine. A D i'll listen up, pretend to care. B D E go on ahead, i'll meet you there.
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