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Blink 182

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by victborges

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Year: 1999 - Album: Take off Your Pants and Jacket

(Delonge / Hoppus)


Intro: B (4x) E F# E F# 

Verse 1:
Home show mom wont know 
E                F# 
Run out the back door 
     E                 F# 
He's passed out on the floor 
B                       C#m  Ebm 
Third time, been caught twice 
   E                 F# 
Forgive our neighbor Bob 
  E                   F# 
I think he humped the dog 

Abm F# But good things come E to those who wait F# Cause she laid me Abm F# And mom and dad E possess the key F# Instant slavery Abm F# No need explain the plan E F# No need to even bother Abm F# I'll pack my bags E I swear I'll run F# Wish my friends were twenty one
Interlude: B (2x) E Verse 2: B White lies C#m Ebm bloodshot eyes E F# Breath of alcohol E F# Stole it from the mall B How's Chris marked C#m Ebm with lipstick E Better call F# their fathers E Sleeping with F# your daughters (Repeat Refrain) Chorus: B E You dont belong you B F# left the kids to carry on B You planned their fall E Too bad youre wrong dont need B F# no mom dad slave drive song Post-Chorus 1: B E I time bomb I time bomb Abm F# I time bomb I time bomb B E F# E B E F# E I time bomb Interlude: B (4x) E F# E F# Verse 3: B Turn low the radio E F# I think I hear my dad E F# Yelling at the band (Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus) Post Chorus 2: B E I time bomb I time bomb Abm F# I time bomb I time bomb B E I time bomb I time bomb Abm F# I time bomb I time bomb B I time bomb
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