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Toes Across The Floor Ukulele tab

Blind Melon

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by hugo%5Frodrigues

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Toes Across The Floor

Year: 2006 - Album: Live at the Palace

D  D  (x2) 

verse 1 
Doesn't anybody feel 
That all these killers should be killed 
     F5                                    D5  C5  A5 
And all these healers should be healed 
So all these beggers can be filled? 
And now, tell me, why am I to lie 
If I'm holding firm and feel the right 

G5 F5 D5 C5 To lie beside this dog of mine G5 F5 D5 And let that perverted thought really run through my mind? D Through my mind
Interlude D5 Dsus4 D5 Dsus4 D (x4) D verse 2 D I'd scrape my toes across the floor D This day's the same as those before F5 D5 And though, inside, I'm feeling giddy C5 G5 A5 Always wrong for never giving myself that un-invaded door D So, now I'll take a little glue D I'll put together a new glittered room for view
G5 F5 D So I can start sitting so pretty G5 Instead of sitting here not seein' clear F5 D Just sitting here, not fittin' here No, things ain't fittin' here
Interlude D5 Dsus4 D5 Dsus4 D (x4)
G5 F5 D I'll just lay my head down beside this God of mine G5 F5 D And let that perverted thought burn a hole in my mind G5 F5 D And if I can't lay my head beside this God of mine G5 F5 Maybe the hunter's dog called God D Could be my friend, in time
Outro D D (x4)
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