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Bj Putnam

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verse 1 
C       G        D              Am 
All we want and all we need is found in Jesus 
C          G               D         
And all we ask is more of You 
C        G        D           Am 
Nothing else can satisfy our heart desire 
C       G              D         
All we want is more of You 

C G For the Lord is good and His love endures Am G D Yes the Lord is good forever C G Em And I shout it out from the mountaintops Am7 G D/F# Yes the Lord is good forever
Interlude: C G D Am Bridge C G We want You more and more We want You more and more C G D We want You more and more More and more Tag Ohs- C G D Am C G D D C C D Am C G D D C G D Am C G D
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