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That Mountain Ukulele tab

Billy Bob Thornton

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That Mountain

Year: 2001 - Album: Private Radio

  		INTRO:  D   
There's a big black train I've been hearin' all my life 
                          C                 D 
Every night at sundown I hear it's lonesome cry 
When I look through the screen door I see a rocking chair 
My mama's sitting in it thinking 'bout that world out there 
     G           C             D      G          A              D 
She wants to go over that mountain to see what's on the other side 
             G          C            D     Bm         A          D 
She said "I want to go over that mountain before the day that I die" 
She's never set foot out of this poor valley holler 
                                  C                  D 
But she talks about her dreams of some other way of life 
87 years of living and never had much of anything 
                               C                   D 
Is it asking too much to see a damned old diesel train 
20 years ago today my daddy left this holler 
                          C            D 
He said "I'll be coming back tomorrow night" 
I remember the sound of his boot heels in the gravel 
                                     C            D 
Well he ain't been back since and he never said goodbye 
Bm         A           D 
Before the day that I die  
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