Bikini Kill

False Start

Bikini Kill

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False Start

On a point in time-present undefined  
A                        D 
And it's getting cold outside 
Situation statical-for reasons you don't know  
Just short of indecision  
A                       D 
And it's getting cold outside 
A                       D  
And it's getting cold outside  
For you own trepidation  
Refer to new perspexion  
See yourself as others see you  
D                          A   
In reverse red can appear blue  
A             D 
Wanna go outside  
A                   D  
Don't you wanna go outside  
A G A G 
A            G     A    G   
Been stuck inside your room  
A          G          D        G 
So stranded-like and full of doom  
G       D   Db 
All year  
A                    G 
Time out for good behavior  
A       G     A             D    Db 
Adds up to what you want it to  
A                G 
What you wanna, what you 
Wanna do.  
That informs a motivation-  
Casual or obligation-fictitious circumstance  
D                           A 
Suspending all your future plans  
A              D 
Wait for you outside.  
If this false started motion  
Believes it's own propulsion  
Tran-sending space and time,  
A                      D 
Then I'll wait for you outside  
A                       D 
Then I'll wait for you outside  

A G A G 

G              A 
Been so long since I've seen you  
G                    A                 D    Db 
So much has changed, you sound the same  
A        G      A                        G 
We're meeting at this place I wanna see you,  
A        G     D              Db 
See your face again  
A                   G                B 
We're all waiting, we're all waiting here. 
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