Big Time Rush

Windows Down

Big Time Rush

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Windows Down

Intro: Bm A D E F#m

Throw it up….Woo hoo
                 Bm A D E F#m
You're pretty baby,
                Bm A D E F#m
but you know that
                     Bm A D E F#m
Wish I could bring ya,
              Bm A D E F#m
across the map
       Bm             A            D  E  F#m
I can feel it in the air that it's on tonight
Bm              A            D     E F#m
I don't really care if it's wrong or right
Bm             A         D     E  F#m
Petal to the metal baby holds me tight
Anything you want I can get that girl, if you're with that girl

Bm                        A
Everybody knows that I want ya
        D             G
If you want me baby show me
Bm                            A
Roll the windows down let your hair flow
         D        G
Let it all go tonight

     Bm A D      E       F#m
Woo hoo….All the windows down
     Bm A         D        E           F#m
Woo hoo….When I'm rolling through your town

     Bm A       D  E  F#m
Woo Hoo,Saying yeah yeah (2x)

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