Vick, I'm Sorry


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Vick, I'm Sorry

	  		(G  C  Em  D  C D) 2x 

  You're right, you wanna be 
C                     Em 
  this far away from me 
  D                   C                    D 
I always treated you nice, but not tonight 

G                             C 
  You're right, you'll never see 
a meaner guy than me, 
     D                  C              D 
but now I swear not to do you any harm 

Em                          C 
  If someday you think I deserve 
to have you in my arms again, 
you know my number and my address 

Em                            C 
  If someday we ever fall in love, 
would you promise to forget the things  
i've done when i was out of my head? 

Believe in me... 
                G                       C 
when I say that I'd do anything to be again 
(inside your heart) 
     Em                 D         C 
the box where you keep memories alive, 
                G                          C   
when I say I'd rather die than be only a friend 
(back to the start) 
    Em            D            C    D 
I promise not to do you harm again! 

G  C           Em      D  C  D  
     I'm sorry,   I'm sorry (2x) 

Em                        C 
  Remember when I said I wish I had 
a little paper box to keep you in, 
so I could see you everyday and night? 
  But now it feels like 
C                          G 
  there is nothing left inside, 
and I know this song won't bring you back 

Believe me... 

When I say I'd rather die 
When I say I'd rather not no cry 
             Em        D 
When I say please, forgive me 
  C              D 
Please, forgive me 

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