Andy Williams

Happy heart

Andy Williams

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Happy heart

Year: 1970 - Album: Very Best of Andy Williams

	  		A                  E7           A7           D 
Theres a certain sound always follows me around;  
Dm                    A            E7 
When youre close to me you will hear it. 
A                    E7      A7              D 
Its the sound that lovers hear when they discover  
Dm                A                E7 
There could be no other for their love. 
F#m  E7  F#m            D9            E7                 A 
Its my happy heart you hear, singing loud and singing clear,  
F#m      D9                  G          E7 
And its all because youre near me, my love.  
F#m  E7 F#m           D9         E7                 A  
Take my happy heart away, let me love you night and day  
F#m      D9            G           E7  
In your arms I wanna stay, oh my love. 
A                E7             A7            D 
Feeling more and more like Ive never felt before?  
Dm                   A          E7 
You have changed my life so completely.  
A              E7         A7               D 
Music fills my soul now, Ive lost all control now,  
Dm                 A                  E7 
Im not half, Im whole now with your love.  
Repeat Refrain  
Repeat Refrain with La-las   
F#m      D9                  G           E7      A 
And it's all because you're with me, my love, my love. 
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