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Dynamite Ukulele tab


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by aman%5Fclaudino

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  		Intro: || Bm | Bm | Bm | G A || 

Bm                               G  A 
Face it, I told you I'm on fire, ooooooh 
  But I am energized, I won't apologize 
  I'm digitized, I'm hypnotized, yeah 

| Bm | Bm | Bm | G A | 

No excuse, break the bonds 
A gasp of air, my will is strong 
                            G     A 
Get out of here my mind is futile 
  I'm just a statuette, without a timer set 
  While I apply my dynamite 

Bm Come on believe it A G You can't deny from the blaze in my eyes A I am hypnotized and Bm I can achieve it A G I will arise like the fire in the sky Em I am dynamite
| Bm | Bm | Bm | G A | Bm G A Face me, I belong in the fire, ooooh Bm And I am synchronized, I have been optimized I'm crystallized, I'm liquefied yeah Bm Light the fuse, see the sign Unbalanced heart, I'm in my prime G A Get out of here while there is still time Bm I'm reaching overload, I'm going right on top While you abide my dynamite Chorus Bridge: (x2) Bm Tell me command me Em I'd walk through fire and stone if you want me Bm F# and no one can stop it Bm G If you want it I can achieve it Em F# If only you ask me, you better believe it Solo: || Bm | Bm | Bm | G A || x2 Interlude riff (no chords) Chorus x2 Outro: || Bm | Bm | Bm | G A || x2
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