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(Intro) C Csus2/B F 

    C                    Csus2/B           F  
The streets are built on solid ground the memories in my mind 
    C         Csus2/B           F 
the story of special times that follow special lines 
     C                Csus2/B          F 
I've grown accustomed to your face the shadows and the light 
     C                 Csus2/B            F 
And every street looks different when the colors are so bright 

Am Em And if you want you can join me quitely Am Em Dm I carry you home on my back Am Em Dm All the way to you on a fastest track Am Em Dm We can run, we can walk, we can see when the dark sets in Am Em Dm And then I wave goodbye and I know I'll see you again
C Csus2/B F (verse 2) C Csus2/B F All I say to be sure you took me by surprise C Csus2/B F Never thought we'd share a mile and sometimes a disguise C Csus2/B F A special bond built on trust the courage to climb hills C Csus2/B F A place so far away from here with a certain thrill (Chorus) (Bridge) C Csus2/B Now you know that I bring you home F you might stay longer before you go C Csus2/B now you know that I bring you home F Dm/F you never have to walk on your own
Am Em Dm I carry you home on my back Am Em Dm All the way to you on a fastest track...
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