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Shut Up And Dance Ukulele tab

Aaron Watson

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Andy

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Shut Up And Dance

(Aaron Watson/ Neal Lowry)

  		capo on 2 
C            G               D        G 
We both work hard for money already spent 
C             G         D           G 
Blaming each other for where it all went 
C                 G         D          G 
Never thinking of love only paying the loans 
C             G                 D           G 
Griping bout' bills and keeping up with the Jones 
Just once let's forget about making ends meet 
Or whose got the nicest yard on the street 
Darlin' let loose, and let your hair down 
We're staying at home for a night on the town 
C G D G So turn the music up, we'll dim the lights down C G D G Let those old records keep spinning around C G D G Replace all your worries with some romance C G (No strum) G Tell me you love me then we'll shut up and dance
When you're in my arms it makes me feel Like I own a mansion on top of the hill But it's not how big's the house it's how happy's the home How poor is a rich man who lives all alone {Chorus} {solo} {Chorus} VERY easy basic song to play, great to play for the ladies also. Some might not like it after the Chorus though...lol
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